Own Your Own 3D NCAA Sports Stadium

Own Your Own 3D Printed NCAA Sports Stadium
Florida State Doak Campbell Stadium 2014

Get ready for sports fans to flip their lids. A hot new product is on the market and it’s a 3D printed scale model of your favorite sports stadium!

Yes, the 3D printing service Zverse has been using 3D Systems Projet 660Pro to make exact scale color models of the NCAA stadiums!

These replicas are astonishing to look at and a collector’s item for sure. They’re now an historical part of the 3D printing industry and a big winner for all. Zverse really scored a coup by getting one of the only 200 permitted licenses from Notre Dame and is the first authorized in 20 years. These scale models are gorgeous and when fans finally get to see them there’ll be no holding back.

In addition, Zverse has snagged over 30 collegiate licenses so you can expect each school to have their own replicas available. The detail is fantastic. In some of these they’ve even included the tens of thousands of crowd attendees. The school colors, logos, graphics, all photorealistic of the original stadiums. Fans will recognize their favorites at a simple glance they’re so realistic looking.

The technique is the same as standard 3D printing whereby a material is added to the printer and an image is duplicated via the software and printer. Using sandstone for each layer of the printing process ensures the replica will be sturdy. The colors are added automatically. The company goes to great lengths to get the most accurate details and will take about a week to complete the design. Adjustments are made should any new design be added to make sure the stadium replica is up to date.

Zverse’s co-founder, Kevin Maloney explained his company’s first step into the 3D stadium replica busienss. It was in the latter part of 2013 when the company created a replica of the stadium at South Carolina’s Williams-Brice. They handed out the stadiums to honorees during the Military Appreciation Game. The replicas were an instant hit and collector’s item.

Now Zverse has over 30 licenses and has been producing 150 stadiums a week at their plant in Columbia, South Carolina.

This a real coup for Zverse. It’s also a real coup for sports fans. Just imagine the other types of replicas that 3D printing can bring about in the sports venue alone. Baseball stadiums, basketball arenas, tennis’ Wimbledon, Olympic stadiums and more. Even replicating past stadiums for nostalgia. These 3D printed stadium replicas are the hottest things on the market and as the technology grows so will the interest and industry.

Image credit: Zverse