EMS Now Offers Instant Price Quotes for 3D Printing

emslogo_238_178Traditionally to order 3D Printed parts using one of our many production 3D printers from EMS, Inc you needed to contact one of our project managers in our Tampa, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia or Detroit, Michigan offices.  This could be done by calling or sending an email with your CAD files.  Our project manager would then review your 3D CAD models and talk with you to understand what your needs where.  From there the project manager would then generate a quotation and send it to you for review.

There are many different 3D printers and materials and understanding which one it the right technology for you depends on many factors including application, material requirements, part size, budget, downstream applications, turn-around time and much more.  That is why EMS, Inc has always offered this hands on approach to quoting 3D Printed and rapid prototype parts.  By having a detailed conversation with our customers we develop a relationship with them that lasts for years.

However many of our customers know exactly what 3D Printer and material choice they need.  Because of this EMS, Inc decided to develop their own 3D Printing Instant Quoting System or IQS.  The IQS allows a customer to upload their STL file which can be output from any 3D CAD system.  The user can upload one or many STL files for 3D printing.  Once the files are uploaded the user can review them and even rotate, pan and zoom their model in a preview window.  This insures they have uploaded the right CAD model for 3D Printing.  From this point the user can select the quantity and what 3D Printing process they would like to purchase.  A real advantage to EMS’s IQS is it shows the price for all the different 3D Printing process on the same page.  This way a user can select the right process based on the application and cost quickly without having to go back and forth on the web page.

EMS will continue to offer its custom quoting service but for many people they like the convenience of uploading their CAD files and receiving a price instantly and at any time.  Other advantages to the IQS system is the fact that the price is lower than our customer quoting services.  Because we have automated the quoting process for 3D Printing we can reduce our internal costs to provide this service to you.

If you would like to try our new IQS for 3D Printing simply go to our web site at www.ems-usa.com and click the Instant Quote” button.  Once there, upload your CAD files, pick the quantity, which process you want and make payment via credit card or Paypal.  It’s that easy and most projects are completed in 3 – 5 days.

If you have a project that contains very large parts, large quantities or involves other processes like product design, 3D scanning, reverse engineering EMS still offers their custom quoting services to help you complete your project.