Consumer Products

EMS works with many consumer products companies looking to improve their product inspection processes or create CAD of existing products to design add-on products.

The consumer products market is highly competitive and changing rapidly. What was hot yesterday is old news today. To compete successfully, manufacturers have to get to market fast with well-designed and reliable products. 3D scanning and 3D printing have played a key role in expediting product development and improving product quality. Design iterations to get the right fit, look and function can now be done in days not months.

EMS provides the following 3D solutions for consumer products customers:

Consumer Products use of 3D Scanning & Inspection

  • Reverse engineering for product development
  • 3D Scanning for inspection and reverse engineering

Consumer Products uses of 3D Printing

  • Form, fit function
  • Ergonomics
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Patent submission
  • Full color analysis models showing FEA, CFD and more
  • End use products for low volume production
  • Master patterns for castings and RTV molding