ProJet 3510 CPX 3D Printer Benefits Jewelry Makers


As the capabilities of 3D printing becomes more advanced, it’s no wonder that more and more jewelers are embracing this technology and utilizing a 3D printing service to create some of their most unique and stylish pieces yet. This describes perfectly Uptown Diamond and Jewelry in Houston, Texas, who sought out this tech in an effort to satisfy customer needs and expectations.

When creating a piece of custom jewelry there is no room for error. Previously, customers would only get a sketch before the labor intensive process of hand creating the piece went underway. If the customer isn’t pleased with the end product, that can create an uncomfortable situation for all involved. But thanks to the ProJet 3510 CPX 3D printing service, Uptown doesn’t have to worry about that problem ever again.

During the traditional jewelry design process, the jeweler and customer go back-and-forth about establishing the design. After an initial sketch is approved, a mockup is created out of wax. The customer will also approve this wax version before the actual casting occurs. However, it is very possible for the wax mold to not mirror the sketch the customer approved. This can lead to disappointment for the customer and result in poor reviews for the jeweler. This entire process can take several weeks, so when it goes wrong it can be a huge waste of time.

Thanks to a 3D printing service, however, companies like Uptown Diamond and Jewelry no longer have to worry about this. In fact, they can meet what customers want and need over and over again. This goes a long way toward improving customer relations and boosting the confidence of the jeweler.

This company decided to use 3D printing to both increase manufacturing speed and to improve the overall quality of the jewelry being made. Metal molds are traditionally used when making jewelry and these can cost several thousand dollars each. This method uses wax casts and thanks to the ProJet CPX, each cast is made with the utmost detail, allowing customers to see precisely what they will be getting.

This technology makes it possible for the company to produce a custom wax pattern of a design within two hours. This mean same-day turnaround on a design is possible. Once the customer approves, the design is ready for casting immediately. Uptown Diamond and Jewelry can say yes to a wider variety of projects now thanks to this 3D printing service. And that spells an increase in business and an increase in satisfied customers.

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