3D Printing Pen Lets You Doodle Objects Into Existence

3D Printing 3Doodler
Picture credit: the3doodler.com

Technology is always changing. That’s what makes it technology, after all. Still, when a brand new product is revealed, it can be exciting. The mind marvels at the possibilities this new item holds. That’s precisely what the newest item on the 3D printing market has done. It’s called the 3Doodler and while it’s not hitting store shelves anytime soon, it has certainly built a remarkable following.

The 3Doodler was created by WobbleWorks and was introduced to the world via a Kickstarter campaign. The product is exactly what it sounds like: a device that allows you to doodle in three-dimensional space. In the shape of a pen, the 3Doodler allows you to wave it in the air and create a model, in real-time, out of plastic.

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