11 – 3D Printer Predictions for 2011

TechCrunch recently published an article about 3D Printer predictions for 2011.  I found some of the predictions very interesting and others could possibly come true.  Perhaps not in 2011 but certainly within the next few years.  We live in a world of fast pace change and who would have thought a commercial 3D Printer would cost $15,000 just a few years ago.  For example, Z Corp’s new Z150 3D Printer starts at $15,000 and offers similar features as their high-end Z650 3D Printer that costs $60,000.  In addition, 3D printer materials are better than ever while reliability and ease of use continue to improve.  The time has never been better to bring 3D printing in-house.

Let’s see how many of these 3D printer predictions come true in 2011 and over the next few years.

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