3D Printing For Crash Test Dummies may save money

One problem with crash test dummies which are realistic, is that the more realistic they are the more difficult they are to make and the more time consuming they are to make. Humanetics Innovative Solutionsof Ohio supply several industries including car makers, aviation companies and the military with Crash Test Dummies, or to give them their real name anthropomorphic test devices. They are already highly successfulbut are now using 3D printing service technology to get one step ahead of competitors. 3D printing services they use drastically cut down on the costs and time needed to make a Crash Test Dummy or more importantly the molds needed. The cost saving comes from far less man hours having to be expended as the process is automated from a 3D CAD file rather than aluminum molds made by hand and also the amount of waste material is virtually zero: important where expensive materials are in use they save hundreds of dollars in materials each time.

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