Luxury Florida mansion scanned by EMS

The uses for 3D scanning services seem to keep expanding, 3D scanning often is used alongside 3D printing to recreate items but this isn’t always the case. Scanned items can be used within larger designs or parts can have dimensions measured for other manufacturing methods or in the case of recent work by EMS: 3D scanning services can measure one item’s dimensions for other items to be created that will fit with it. This could be scanning an engine cylinder so that new pistons that will fit exactly can be produced. With a recent project by EMS though it was a luxury Florida mansion that was scanned and marble and granite cladding that was to be produced.

Once a building is constructed to architectural plans it is almost certain that measurements will end up being at least a few millimeters and potentially several inches out. When marble and granite cladding and floors are being produced overseas then to fit a property working to the 2D architects drawings could lead to pieces that are too large or too small and leave gaps. Granite and Marble are expensive especially in large pieces so having a home completely scanned in 3D makes financial sense.

The home in Tampa Bay Florida was scanned completely by EMS’s 3D scanning services and a 3D rendering of the entire building was completed with almost complete accuracy. The fact that it is even possible to accurately create a 3D scan of such a large item, including both it’s internals and externals, is testament to the skills of EMS and the progress of the scanning technology they use for their large scale 3D scanning services.

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