3D Printing Saves Construction Workers Life (Literally!)

3D Printing Saves Construction Workers Life (Literally!)Did you ever think that 3D printing would reach the point where it’s got the ability to heal wounds? What would you say if I told you somebody had most of their skull replaced through one of these processes? 3D printing has actually given a person their life back, and that’s just proof that the strides we’re making with this technology year in and year out are most definitely real. Being a construction worker has its perks, obviously you have a job that’s quite consistent and efficient when it comes to finances; there’s also the fact that it can be relatively dangerous at times. China is known for having wondrous structures that focus on awing the people looking at them, and it kind of makes you wonder about the people responsible for putting the entire ordeal together. The man we’re going to focus on with this article is named Hu, and he’s a Chinese construction worker that was given the biggest break he’ll ever get.

Being a 46-year old construction worker means you’re usually prepared for anything and everything, but there are some things you really can’t responsible for. Hu got into a workplace accident that left him missing the left half of his skull, 50 percent of it is gone and that’s an injury that most people can’t just come back from. He has vision damage from the incident and the portion of his brain that’s missing is one that helps him dissect speech (meaning understanding the things being said to him, as well as things being said about him). The odd thing is that the walking component of his brain is completely fine, which means he’s still walking with ease. The medical staff at Xijing Hospital decided that it was time to try something a little different, and this is where 3D printing really comes into play.

The doctors made use of 3D printing in order to restore the portion of skull missing from Hu’s head, it’s made up of a titanium mesh that’s going to be more than capable of withstanding whatever the world can throw at it. Hu gets a brand new start on his life and 3D printing gets another notch under its belt, it’s almost like it’s a win-win situation for everybody involved! 3D printing doesn’t get enough credit from the general population, most people think it’s just some sci-fi sort of deal that’s going to fade with time. There are definitely benefits to 3D printing and it’s up to us to make sure that the entire world is aware of that. Take matters into your own hands and share this article with a friend or two, the quicker we can spread the joyous word of 3D printing the better! It’s going to make manufacturing thing easier, and if medical advancements like this one continue to occur it’s just going to be uphill from here.

Love the technology that w’re being presented with and it will love you back!

Image credit: 3dtoday.ru