3D Systems Unveils Its New Capture Mini 3D Scanner

3D Systems Unveils Its New Capture Mini 3D ScannerLeave it to 3D scanning and printing innovator 3D Systems to come up with another groundbreaking addition to the industry with their new Capture Mini 3D Scanner.
This new 3D scanning device is small enough to fit in your hand and makes an awesome desktop utility. This new 3D scanning device is just awesome and in an addition it has a cloud 3D printing software that 3D Systems has developed to enable users to print from scanned digital information.

This device easily fits in one’s hand and uses a very accurate blue LED system that works in tandem with the Geomagic software products line. The scanner is lightweight, features an accuracy of .034 mm, captures 1 million points per scanning in.3 seconds. In addition it has a field of view of 88 x 87 mm making it superb for call objects.

The Capture Mini 3D Scanner is also compatible with other products such as the Capture Pro Pack that has a rotary table for automated 360 degree scanning function with a carrying case and the Geomagic Capture multi-scanner setup.

This system is so easy to setup that within minutes and is easy to use, even CAD integration. The possible uses are enormous not only for those working in mechanics but also for those working in other areas requiring fine craftsmanship. Businesses and artists, home folks alike can use this mini scanner to scan objects from around the shop or home to make parts for repair or even create new products for sale.

This new scanner, the software, and the compatible products are just beyond too cool for words. This is revolutionizing the use of 3D scanning and printing and this is still early in the game for the industry. There’s no telling what else 3D Systems is working on right now and will be putting out later on. Right now, this mini scanner is going to be the tool to have.

Just imagine what your office or home will be like when you can scan valuable products, parts, rare items and be able to make duplicates of them for safekeeping and posterity. You’ll be able to make products in minutes and use the software to fine tune what you’ve scanned. The accuracy of this device makes for duplication of such quality that any finishing work is minimal at best. Think of it as a new and innovative tool from the latest super age of 3D scanning with more yet to come.

Image credit: 3D Systems