3D Printing to Give Military an Advantage in the Field


3D printing is revolutionary. In Panama City Beach, it is said that this technology is going to give the military an unfair advantage when in the field.

Right now, new concepts are being tested. Everything from vehicles to other pieces of equipment necessary in combat are being created with 3D printers so that they can be thoroughly analyzed. This practice is expected to take an already powerful military and make it more powerful.

One technician working with the Navy’s new 3D printer has experience building everything from small trucks to elephants. He even printed a small boat model through 3D printing. It is a process that takes approximately 40 hours, but any other manufacturing process would be more expensive and the entire process would take longer.

Things that now take months to create from scratch can now be done in a matter of days. It is expected that 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing. Perhaps a person can go into an auto parts store, ask for a specific part and, if it is not available in the inventory, they can request a printed copy that will function perfectly fine.

In fact, 3DS recently unveiled printers that are able to be used to create ceramics. There is even a 3D printer that can create confections that bakeries will most likely capitalize on by being able to quickly make some of the decorations that they need. What’s more is that those decorations and other parts of the sugary treats will be completely edible.

The capabilities of these 3D printing devices are quite advanced. This is true in the commercial sector and the consumer and prosumer sector. Both the military and commercial establishments can invest in printers that will make 3D printing an activity that is very profitable. At the same time, consumers are getting a taste of what 3D printing can do for them in the comfort of their homes. From the need for a specific piece for a project to artists being able to take their creativity a bit further, it is no wonder that 3D printers are considered the next greatest piece of technology.

As for the United States Navy, a simple 3D printer is putting this military powerhouse in a position to maintain its place as the number one navy in the world. It has always had the best innovators and leading technology. Now it can continue to do so.

Picture credit: https://www.wjhg.com/