A Dozen New Consumer 3D Products Introduced by 3D Systems at CES 2014

3d-systems-new-logo3D systems mainstreamed consumer 3D printing by introducing a dozen new 3D printers and other products at CES 2014. It also revealed partnerships and experiences that will push its entire portfolio of consumer solutions into 2014 and beyond.

The company also announced at CES that it has appointed global entertainer, Will.i.am, who is a philanthropist and entrepreneur, as the Chief Creative Officer at 3DS. This gives him the responsibility of mainstreaming 3D printing through collaborating with innovative global campaigns, creative brand partners, and educational grand challenges. All of this is in an effort to further popularize 3D printers.

This next-gen consumer and prosumer product line is attractive, compelling, productive, and is easy for individuals to use. It was also announced that 3DS will be collaborating with Intel Corporation, allowing it to make its consumer Sense scanning, editing, and 3D printing software applications available on a number of Intel products. These products will be outfitted with Intel’s RealSense 3D camera

3DS was also featured in the Samsung Electronics Booth at CES. Samsung demonstrated how easy it may be for the consumer to push their creative processes a little further by being able to render their designs in 3D. Through 3D printers, individuals can open themselves up to a whole new world of design. 3DS has created an application that allows Galaxy Note users to create and design special 3D coins that can then be inserted into special Galaxy Note cases.

The 3DS showcase at CES 2014 included:

The very first consumer plug and play 3D printer for use every day, which is a Cube 3D printer and the third generation of its kind.

Professional-quality 3D print capabilities for the consumer through the CubePro. This printer has the highest print volume in its class.

The first edible sugar and chocolate 3D printer was introduced. This is known as the ChefJet and it is can create printed décor and candies. These 3D printers are expected to have an impact in the baking industry.

A ceramic 3D printer that is designed for those who enjoy ceramics and pottery. The ceramic objects that are printed are ready for firing and glazing.

A desktop 3D printer that is full-color, vibrant, and affordable. One complaint that many consumers have had is that 3D printer are not affordable for them. They want to engage in 3D printing, but price deters them. This printer removes that obstacle for under $5,000.