3D Scanning Bureau Added Special Effects Shots in Life of Pi Movie

Life of Pi 3D ScanningR&H i.e. Rhythm and Hues is one of the largest and world-famous visual effects studio companies of the film industry. This time, R&H visual effects studio has completed most of its VFX shots featured in one of the 3D adventurous drama films named Life of Pi. This studio has hired the service of 3D Scanning bureau of Taiwan named LeaderTek. In this way, R&H studio has availed the benefits of the power of 3dimensional data capture for making different types and amazing special effects in the movies.

Direction of the Movie ‘Life of Pi’

Ang Lee, winner of the Academy Award is responsible for directing the movie of Life of Pi. The entire movie has drawn upon big team of renowned artists spanning the offices of R&H in approximately six different places of the world. These include India, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Vancouver and Kuala Lampur. R&H studio has taken the responsibility of covering more than hundreds of shots of visual effects to be presented in 3dimensional stereo.

Special Effects Shots in the Movie

Some of the special effects shots may include digitally recreated skies and water, Bengal tiger, floating raft, lifeboat, Meerkat Island, digitally created skies and water and several other additional features. LeaderTek used 3D laser scanner of FARO Focus for digitally capturing the floating raft and lifeboat.

Reverse Engineering Software

The bereau and the studio have used reverse engineering software of Rapidform XOR for merging and optimization of the massive data associated with the point cloud scan into one of the qualified mesh file of STL. Rapidform XOR is an exclusive reverse engineering software capable of combining data processing of 3D scan with the CAD i.e. Computer Aided Design. In this way, the software helps in the creation of various feature-based as well as editable models of solid compatible with the CAD environment.

Opinion of Edward Yao of LeaderTek

Edward Yao is the Sales Engineer of the LeaderTek 3D Scanning Bereau. According to his opinion, “Rapidform XOR is one of the best and effective 3dimensional or 3D Scanning software capable of handling raw data in large amount with the help of 3D Scanner of FARO Focus. Because of this, we have used the software for scanning the boats in the movie of Life of Pi.” Edward further said, “We are satisfied with the outcomes of the scanned data processing and ‘3D Printing’ from the merged files of STL delivered to R&H Company, which has taken in charge of the CG for the film of Life of Pi.”

Satisfaction with the Outstanding Performance of Rapidform XOR

LeaderTek, R&H and Ang Lee all the leading personalities associated with 3D Printing and scanning processes used in the movie of ‘Life of Pi’ have satisfied with Rapidform XOR performances. In fact, all the renowned personalities have become very much happy with quality, efficiency and speed of the results of STL shown by Rapidform XOR. Experience of the offered services has enhanced the popularity of the movie of Life of Pi in different parts of the world.

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