3D Scanning in the Marine Industry is taking off Again.

Picture credit: Motereyboats.com

Florida has long been known as a home to many manufacturers of boats, yachts and related products.  Major companies like Cigarette, Regal, Monterey, Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Lazzara, Mystic, Correct Craft and many, many more all build boats here in Florida.  During the recent downturn some boat companies went out business, some where acquired and others just struggled along as the market for new boats hit a low.

During the late 2000’s EMS was busy performing 3D scanning services and CAD modeling for many of these companies.  The 3D scanning work including capturing data on hulls, interiors, individual parts, propellers, trailers, engine rooms, heli-pads and much more.  The scan data was used for all types of applications including reverse engineering, inspection, scale 3D printed models and more.  But just as the industry downsized so did the amount of work EMS performed in the boating industry.   It was unfortunate to see good companies and people struggle.

The good news is the industry and marine work for EMS is coming back.  Over the last year we have 3D scanned and CAD modeled numerous boats, accessories, and more.   We are exciting to see this industry coming back and hope it continues.