3D Scanning Service for Handguns

Technology has changed so many things in our lives on a daily basis. However, one of the most interesting new technologies to come about is 3D scanning. Now, it’s possible to scan handguns using a 3D scanning service. It may sound like something out of science fiction but it’s reality and likely how aftermarket accessories will be created from now on.

Many different accessories go with handguns like flashlights, magazines, laser sights, and holsters. However, to get these accessories perfectly matched to every handgun available can be a challenge. That’s why EMS was called. These aftermarket accessory companies needed have CAD models of handguns so that they could make sure their products fit them perfectly. Since manufacturers of guns don’t release this information, they had to create it themselves. To do this on their own would’ve been expensive and time-consuming. EMS was able to use their 3D scanning service to create models of guns quickly and accurately.

Handguns have a lot of complex parts and shapes to them, making it very difficult to create a CAD model by hand. This is especially difficult when trying to create holsters, which must fit very accurately. However, any accessory needs to fit a gun precisely in order to be effective. EMS was able to create 3D scans of a variety of guns and turn them into CAD models. They used the Konica-Minolta Range 7 to get the job done because it picks up the finest details even on dark surfaces without the need to add paint or dust to make it happen. They just ran the scanner over the guns and it picked up all the details with no problem. Many other scanners that use white light or laser technologies can’t pick up dark surfaces very well with the scanner without applying dust to it. This would be highly impractical to do on a gun since it has so many small parts that must get recorded exactly. Applying dust would be impractical and could ruin it.

Instead, EMS used their precise 3D scanning service to create accurate CAD models of a variety of guns. This allows aftermarket accessory companies to make a whole slew of products without having to invest the time or money in manual CAD model creation. For these companies, it was well worth the investment to bring EMS to their location to get the job done.

3D scanning service

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