3D Scanning Used on Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup and 3D ScanningThe Ryder Cup is a long-standing symbol of excellence in golf. It’s used by The Professional Golfers’ Association of Great Britain and has very prominent silhouette. It measures 9 inches across from each handle, stand 17 inches tall, and weighs about 4 pounds. A statue of a golfer is also affixed to the top of the trophy and actually represents Abe Mitchell, the golfing instructor to Samuel Ryder, the man for whom the Cup was named.

Because the Ryder Cup is so iconic, the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky wanted to use its likeness for an event they were hosting in 2008. The cup was to be featured in a 3D animation. However, the people who were tasked with creating this animated video did not have a 3D CAD model of the Ryder Cup. This is absolutely necessary for them to get an accurate depiction of the cup.

Thankfully, EMS was able to come through for them. The Ryder Cup was sent directly to EMS and they used 3D scanning technology. The company has several scanners on hand including the Konica-Minolta Vivid 9i and the Z Scanner Z800. The former captured small details and embellishments while the latter scanned the entirety of the cup, including its form and shape.

The information obtained by both 3D scanning runs were combined in order to create a suitable 3D CAD model. This model could then be used to create renderings and animations for a variety of purposes. The golf club was then able to create all of the promotions and advertising spots they wanted using the 3D likeness of the Ryder Cup.

Some people may wonder why a CAD model is necessary in this situation. Why can’t someone just draw or manually input the details of the Ryder Cup into the computer for use in animation? However, this would be extremely time-consuming, and as is the case with most projects like this, time was of the essence. They had a very short deadline they needed to meet.

EMS provided a quick and accurate solution to the problem and created 3D CAD model of the Ryder Cup within days. That’s what makes 3D scanning technology so amazing and so worthwhile. It can scan an entire object and record every little detail with ease. There’s no faster way to accomplish this than with the kind of technology EMS provides.  That’s what makes them stand out.

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