3D System Product Announcements at CES 2014

CES-3D-Printing-3D-Scanning3D systems is showing how 3D printing can simplify life. They showed this at CES 2014 and investors are very excited with all of the products and ideas that were unveiled at the event.

Unlike the announcements that were made at EuroMold 2013, the company showed that it is also gearing toward the consumer and the small business when it comes to printing in 3D and 3D printing services. Some of the highlights include the new and improved Cube 3D printer for consumers, a ceramic and food 3D printer, and a partnership with Intel that could change everything.

In all, there were over a dozen new announcements ranging from revolutionary 3D printing capabilities to the fact will.i.am will become the new chief creative officer. Here is a breakdown of what 3DS showed the world:

  • 2 prosumer 3D printers will be entering the market
  • The third-generation cube gets a nice update and the price has decreased
  • Bakeries may have the ability to print sugary treats and decorations for cakes
  • The CubePro was introduced at a price of approximately $5,000

Also introduced was the 3DMe Photo booth where an individual can have their 3D photo taken and then a professionally 3D printed figurine shipped to the subject. This is one of the latest introductions in the realm of 3D printing services. The device is expected to come to retailers and events in the second quarter of 2014.

What 3D systems managed to do was showcase their new products for the prosumer and the professional. In the meantime, this advances the consumerism of this new technology with products and services like the iSense 3D scanner, Cubify 2.0, and many others.

As far as will.i.am serving in the position of chief creative officer, he has made plans to mainstream 3D printing services and devices even more. He has plans to create educational programs and collaborate them with brands so that the 3D printer can position itself within everyday life. He also sees a future where 3D scanning can capture moments that can then be printed out in 3D. This is similar to what the 3DMe is slated to do except the individual has their photo taken in a photo booth.

Nonetheless, 3DS proved at CES 2014 that it will be making its mark on the consumer world, which will allow 3D scanning and printing to evolve into something that virtually anyone can use.