Applications and Benefits of 3D Scanner in Medical Sector

3D Scanning in Medical applicationsIn the recent few years, 3D scanning has found its wide use in the medical sector. One of the major reasons for the high demand of the 3D scanner is that such types of scanning devices incorporate capabilities of capturing 3D measurements of both face and body parts of the human beings in relatively less time and in hassle-free way. We know that all the people are unique in terms of their physical appearance. Because of this, most of the medical practitioners are using the advanced 3D scanning technologies for creation of customized medical products for fulfilling the needs of the patients.

3D Scanning Devices and Medical Sector

Now, let us have a look over the different medical sectors and medical applications, in which 3D scanner has found their wide uses.

Firstly, 3D scanning devices have found their wide use in the dental sector. This is because; the scanning devices are perfectly suitable for designing of the metal braces, mouth or teeth guards and retainers.

Secondly, 3D appliances are useful in making specially designed facemasks for treating different types of burn victims.

After this, most of the times, patients need to wear suitable types of gloves for staying or keeping them protected from germs or micro organisms present in the out environment. In this situation, experts use 3D scanning equipment for designing of customized gloves with the aim of satisfying the needs of patients.

Other than this, most of the patients undergone for amputation of the limbs, such as amputation of hands, legs and fingers, which may lead to the needs of prosthetics or artificial limbs. Hence, professionals associated with the medical sector use 3D scanner for designing of the artificial legs or limbs for the patients.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Devices

Possessing Capabilities of Capturing 3D Measurements in No Time

3D scanner or scanning device incorporates the capability of capturing single scan in only few seconds. In fact, the scanning equipment can receive 3D measurements quickly for immediate analysis of the patients. People often face difficult time in staying in the still condition. Hence, in this situation, fast scanning process may help in the prevention of the motion of the patients at the time of 3D scanning processes. In addition, white light scanners used in the medical sector are often safe options for face scanning process. This is because; white light does not create any type of harmful effects on the human eye.

Capable of Scanning the Patients without Physical Contact

Now days, personnel involved in taking X-Rays of the body parts can even use different types of non-contact 3D scanner, capable of scanning the parts of the human bodies directly without making any type of physical contact with the patients. Based on this, we can say that the scanning process is free from any type of interference associated with the process of measurement. We know that medical professionals never allow direct contact of the people with the burnt victims. Hence, 3D scanning is perfectly suitable in case of scanning the body parts of the patients suffered from any type of fire accidents.

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