Eight ProJet 3500 3D Printers Announced

ProJet 3510 HD 3D PrinterIf you’re interested in 3D printing, you’ll be pleased to hear that 3D Systems has just announced that eight new printers are now available. They are all ProJet 3500 models and are designed to make printing three-dimensional objects easier. They include remote tablet controls that allow you to make plastic components and wax patterns for design and manufacturing.

This new series of 3D printers includes the ProJet HD MAX and CPX MAX tech that allows for Multi-Jet Modeling. It also includes touchscreen controls, the ability to connect with your smartphone or tablet, a production-grade printhead, and materials management. They also work with the VisiJet print materials available by 3D Systems. These materials include those used for plastic functional testing that is temperature resistant and highly durable. There’s also wax material for rapid-foundry production and other materials that can be used in the production of medical devices and jewelry.

Another added benefit is these printers come with a five-year warranty on the printhead. The amount of detail that you can create with these printers is truly amazing. Truly, you can’t find other consumer printers that provide this level of quality. Something that is being made available to all 10 printers in this line, along with the new ones, is a Print3D app that can be used on tablets or smartphones. This allows you to control and make modifications to print jobs on-the-go.

The level of convenience here is unparalleled, making the ProJet 3500 series a real standout in the market. Whether you need to perform reverse engineering tasks or simply wish to create an object from scratch, this line can make that possible with ease. Instead of creating a line of overly complicated products, 3D Systems has taken the simplified route without putting functionality at risk.

3D printing used to be something that was only for the most technologically savvy among us. It also used to be reserved for those with the most money. However, that is slowly changing and these new ProJet printers are making a step toward that. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice function for a low price tag. Neither should useful technology like this be reserved for only those with a ton of money. Instead, it should be readily available and it is with hopes that these new ProJet 3500 models will continue the trend in that direction.

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