3D Scanning Now Possible at Home Thanks to Lynx A Camera

3D Scanning Now Possible at Home
Picture Credit: 3dfocus.co.uk

If you’re interested in technological innovations, you’ll be pleased to hear about the Lynx A Camera. This device is a 3D camera that will make it so anyone with a 3D printer can scan and create objects at home without any other special equipment. Pretty cool, right?

There’s just one thing: the Lynx A is currently a project on Kickstarter and needs $50,000 to get off the ground. The device itself combines several technologies together to make for a truly unique item. It has a 640×480 color camera and a 3D scanning sensor. This allows users to capture data of just about anything–an object, a person, or an area of a room.

What’s really great about this device is that it won’t cost very much. It’s designed to be affordable and includes three separate options: scene and object modeling and motion capture.

If you want to capture a larger area, scene modeling would be the right choice. You can use the 3D scanning to capture the area around you then use that data in any way you wish.

The object modeling features allows you to physically move around an object and create a 3D model. This will save people a ton of time, especially if they attempt to model objects by hand. The end result appears within a matter of seconds as well, which is nice.

Finally, the motion capture feature allows you to simply aim the device at a person and press record. This will capture the person’s movements and they don’t even have to wear any markers or targets. You’ll then be able to use this source data to animate from.  This is beyond convenient and a real step forward in the world of motion capture technology.

If you have a 3D printer at home, the perks just keep on coming. Remember how we said you could scan objects around your house? Well, you can take that data and use it to print out those same objects. You can replicate things on the spot!

While the resolution is smaller than that of professional devices, the Lynx A does offer a step in the right direction toward making 3D scanning and 3D printing more commonplace as consumer products. Right now the focus is on businesses because of the price point of these devices. With the Lynx A, that could all change, giving a much broader range of people access to this cutting edge technology.

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