Go!MODEL Reverse Engineering Tool Announced for Creaform Go!SCAN

3D Systems3D Systems just announced the launch of their Go!MODEL device. This tool is designed to make it fast and simple to reverse engineer 3D objects. This launch is in partnership with Creaform for their Go!SCAN 3D scanner. This portable device makes it simple to conduct 3D scanning anywhere and everywhere without complicated setups and restrictions.

This combination allows people to capture 3D data from objects and then create high quality model renderings that can be used in a variety of applications. This new tool gives you editing abilities and surfacing utilities and other functions that are catered specifically to the Creaform Go!Scan 3D scanner. It takes convenience to a whole new level.

When it comes to 3D scanning, this device can complete a number of tasks including scan editing. This means you can prepare objects you scan for printing. It also includes automation, which means you can go through scanning processes that you typically perform very quickly because they can be pre-programmed. This tool is smart, too, and cuts file sizes in half. No accuracy is lost and you can still save space. Another feature is NURBS surfacing. This allows you to create surfaces and then use them in CAM and CAD programs that aren’t capable of rendering HD meshes.

Another thing this 3D scanning tool allows you to do is get more out of each and every scan. Really, it’s the perfect complement to the Creaform Go!SCAN 3D because it offers all the functionality you need and all the options that are preferable without being too complicated. If anything, it makes the portable scanner even easier to use because it reduces the amount of guesswork you have to do. It streamlines functions and improves the user experience. It’s very professional in the way it processes data and creates models.

The thinking here is that 3D scanning shouldn’t be complicated. If you’re scanning something “in the wild,” you shouldn’t have to do very much configuring to get started. You should just be able to turn it on and begin. That’s the beauty of this device. And since it’s designed to work perfectly with the Go!SCAN, you don’t have to do any configuration to set it up. The Go!MODEL will work with it perfectly from the start. With this tool in your belt, you’ll be able to complete any scanning task you’re faced with.

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