3D Printing Provides Cost-effective Rapid Prototyping

3D printing services were initially developed with rapid prototyping in mind and it has been rapid prototyping companies who have either taken advantage of the technology or lived in fear of the technology depending on whether it is something they now offer. Those rapid prototyping companies that haven’t developed 3D printing services within what they … Read more

Will 3D printing revive American manufacturing?

It seems a bold or even ridiculous statement that 3D printing will revive American manufacturing but this statement has come from Forbes magazine so it is worth paying attention. The magazine says that as soon as 2015 through to 2025 3D printing could be the transformative technology. If this is the case local and national … Read more

How 3D Printing may affect manufacturing in the future

It perhaps needed an all-encompassing article such as that from The Economist to really show us how far the 3D printing services industry has come. For those not directly involved in the industry or who use it for their own specific purposes some of the potential of 3D printing, often along with it’s sister technology … Read more