Surphaser – 3D Laser Scanners

surphaser-3d-laser-scanners3D scanning is a practice that is growing in popularity. With Surphaser 3D laser scanners, users are able to scan three dimensional objects and duplicate them on a 3D printer. Objects of different sizes have easily been converted into smaller models for study. For instance, the car industry will scan the parts of competitor vehicles in order to determine what sets them apart.

Everything from mechanical parts to tools can be duplicated.

Features & Requirements

For the best quality 3D scanning, the Surphaser offers the following:

  • High scanning speed, scan data quality, and high accuracy
  • Achieves a scan ranges between 1m and 120m
  • The scan rate is up to ½ million points per second
  • Low noise
  • Millimeter-scale for medium range models and sub-millimeter accuracy for short range
  • Image quality is similar to a 100Mpix digital photo
  • The design is splash- and dust-resistant, allowing the Surphaser to operate in outdoor and industrial environments
  • The datasets that are exported are clean and will export into 3rd party cloud processing applications
  • Lightweight and portable

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EMS Surphaser 100hsx 3D Scanner

This video demonstrates the new Surphaser 100hsx 3D Scanner. The Surphaser offers the highest resolution and accuracy in a long range 3D scanner. Surphaser® 100HSX Configuration Options: Configuration IR_100HQ4 IR_100HS4 ER_100HQ5 ER_100HS5 Recommended Work Range (m) 1-35 1-50 1.5-70 1.5-120 Ambiguity Range (m) 180 180 180 180 Angular Uncertainty1,3, arc sec 15 15 15 15 Range … Read more