The Intersection of Performance and Price

Konica-Minolta Sensing America recently introduced the Virtuoso 3D Scanner and EMS is excited to be the first reseller to carry this exciting new 3D scanner.  In the world of 3D scanners, the higher the resolution and accuracy the higher the price.  Unfortunately most entry level scanners just don’t work well in the real world and most good accuracy, good resolution 3D scanners start at $50,000 or more.

The new Virtuoso has a base price of $18,000 and offers 1.2 million points per scan and 150 micron accuracy certified to the VDI/VDE standard.  This means our customers will finally be able to purchase a reasonably priced 3D scanner that can actually work in the commercial world.

Seeing is believing and EMS recently released a new video on their web site that shows how fast and easy the Virtuoso is to use and the scan data quality.  The Virtuoso should make in-house 3D scanning a reality to many customers who have either outsourced 3D scanning or used other methods to attempt to reverse engineer their parts.

No other scanner mergers the good quality and affordable price better than the Konica-Minolta Virtuoso 3D Scanner.

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