TTS Uses 3D Scanning for Turbo Charger Units

3D Scanning serviceTrying to get CAD data for three-dimensional objects onto a computer can be a bit difficult if you don’t have the original specs. However, 3D scanning technology is making this more and more possible in less and less time. That’s precisely what EMS is providing a variety of companies all over the country.

Most recently, TTS contacted EMS about developing CAD data for their turbo charging units. They wanted to make some changes on the turbo housing and impeller but didn’t have the CAD data on hand to make it happen. Turbochargers are used to get more power out of an engine without compromising fuel performance.

Making these changes would have been next to impossible without the CAD data or at the very least, very costly. That’s why TTS contacted EMS. Their 3D scanning technology turned a complex problem into an easy solution. It allowed them to scan in the various parts that the company wanted to change without having to manually measure anything. And still, the end result was a three-dimensional geometry from which the engineers could make their changes.

In addition to a scan, TTS also needed the data converted into a CAD file that could be edited in SolidWorks. This way, they would be able to modify features of the design without having to change or reconstruct mounting points or anything like that in the file.

To complete the job, EMS used the Konica-Minolta Vivid 9i 3D scanner. This allowed them to capture every little detail of the turbo charger’s housing. They also used RapidForm 3D scanning software to compile all of the data. This way, they could transfer the file directly into SolidWorks so TTS could use it right away. Everything TTS needed was included in the file including solid bodies, 2D sketches, and parametrics. This way, they would be able to look through the project history and find the version of the model they wanted to use during edits.

The end result was quite impressive. TTS received CAD models in under a week. That’s seriously impressive and a vast improvement over what was previously possible when CAD models could only be reproduced by hand. It also cost significantly less than it would have had the whole process been completed manually. By saving TTS time and money, EMS provided an invaluable service in a modern era where turnaround times must be faster.

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