3D Scanning Proves Itself With High Performance Engine Parts

3D Scanning Proves Itself With High Performance Engine PartsLeave it to Steeda Motorsports to be ahead of the rest in applied 3D scanning technology. Already owning a 3D scanner from renowned company EMS, the company wanted to have it’s 2012 Mustang Boss 302 intake scanned so as to better fit it and manufacture it. Thanks to EMS the problem wasn’t a mountain but just a little bump in the road.

The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Intake is one of the premium aftermarket Ford performance parts and accessories provided by Steeda Motorsports. Ford brought back the engine that is based on the new 5.0 Liter engine. This new Boss produces 444 horsepower and around 380 Lb-ft of torque. To achieve this Ford utilizes CNC ported heads and revised camshafts and what is called a high flow “runners in the box” intake from the 302R racecar. The problem was that the cold air intakes and other parts for the new engine that Steeda wanted to offer needed upgrading and the only way to do it was to design new parts but the new Boss intake manifold was too complex in its shape. Room under the hood is premium so this brought about a challenge.

Thanks to EMS, Steeda showed up with more accurate 3D scanning technology. Steeda wanted EMS to scan the Boss intake so that they could then design their parts around this system. Using their high accuracy and high resolution Konico-Minolta Range 7 3D Scanner they had to tackle the next problem which was the intake is very dark in color with shiny aluminum inserts. No task is too tough for the Range 7 3D Scanner for both dark and shiny surfaces. Other scanners can’t do it without first spraying equipment with paint or dust. Steeda didn’t need this to achieve its goals.

Now that the 3D scanning was done, it was possible for EMS to create a solid model of the intake including its mounting points on the engine block as well as the front air intake. RapidForm is what EMS used which is the only 3D scanning software that can create what is called feature based solid model geometry from 3D scanned data.

This is just another of the amazing applications of the new 3D scanning and 3D printing technology available from EMS. To see it work on a product that was designed to revive an old product and meet the challenges head on to reach a successful solution shows that the Sun is still rising on the 3D scanning and 3D printing industry and there’s no stopping it.






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Very Cool Models Of Historic Windmills Created Via 3D Printing

Very Cool Models Of Historic Windmills Created Via 3D Printing
Modelers are always looking for the newest thing in their hobby. Scale modeling is still a worldwide phenomenon that is of such interest there are actual museums dedicated to it. The AWPC is one of them. A museum, the largest , dedicated to windmills. Now, 3D printing has come into play to add to this hobby.

The AWPC has a collection well over of 100 windmills. Both an indoor and outdoor gallery of them, full size and miniature adorn the place and people from all over stop by to take a look and learn. Windmills are striking structures that can be seen for miles around. They used to grind grain and today power electricity. Using the wind as a power source is an old technology and here at the AWPC museum you can see the progression of windmills from the first to the latest.

The company WhiteClouds joined up with AWPC to create miniature 3D printed miniatures of classic windmills. Some no longer existing. These mini windmills are designed in the computer and later 3D printed for use in display and model train exhibitions. WhiteClouds uses the Projet 3500 HDMax to print the windmills. Using a UV cured resin they can create very detailed and strong plastic parts. The Projet 3500 HDMax then prints each layer at 16 microns allowing for the exquisite detail.

Finally comes the assembly and detail which the team has their experts on the spot to do. The results are spectacular to say the least and helps preserve a part of history for future generations to enjoy.

This step up and application of 3D printing technology is changing the way art, collectibles, historical displays, museums operate. By having data that can be input into the computer, the specialists can recreate objects that no longer exist or preserve imagery of those that do. 3D scanners are getting faster with more detail and bigger. Priceless artifacts and fossils can now be scanned, stored, and 3D printed for further examination and preservation. Dinosaur fossils in particular can now be 3D printed and reassembled so that schools, museums, and other areas can have their own version of a one of a kind find.

It’s truly remarkable what 3D printing is achieving nowadays and the technology keeps on advancing by leaps and bounds.

Image source: 3D Systems

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3D Scanning Helps Military MRAP Vehicles

EMS Scans the MRAP-1

The new MRAP vehicle saves soldiers lives

The continued versatility and use of 3D scanning has been embraced by the U.S. Military and is accelerating and there’s no end in sight to the value of this new technology.

In this case, it’s the MRAP vehicle designed to withstand IDE and other explosive devices. Since deploying the MRAP vehicles to protect soldiers, the casualty rate has dropped remarkably. The need for 3D scanning comes in the way the vehicles need accessories like antennae and other brackets applied to the framework of the vehicle. Using 3d scanning the entire vehicle can be entered into the 3D CAD data and parts and accessories can easily be made, fit to order perfectly.

The suppliers of the electronic devices that are to fit the MRAPs needed a device like that supplied by EMS in its Z Corp Z Scanner Z800. This device allows for quick scanning and accuracy to the point that the modeled electronic parts can easily fit any corner of the vehicle.

This type of application is very innovative and highly useful. The lives saved and the optimum efficiency of the vehicles gives the military more of an edge against the enemy. It’s accuracy, speed, affordability and the continued advancement of the 3D scanning
technology means that the military will be able to achieve things faster thus protecting soldiers and their missions.

EMS Scans the MRAP-2

Finished 3D CAD feature base solid model of the front corner of the MRAP

To see 3D scanning applied this way is something the American public needs to be aware of. They can see that their family and friends in service are being allowed to use the latest technologies to safeguard themselves while they’re on duty. The enemy can’t catch up and any advantage is a good one. The MRAP vehicle is case-in-point. For years the military and people had been crying for a safer transport vehicle that protected soldiers from the relentless assault from the enemy using IDEs and other lethal devices. Being able to help improve these systems is a smart and cost effective way that leads to less misery and woe.

In this case 3D CAD data was unavailable so it was an on site use of the scanner that saved the day. EMS sold the supplier of the electronic devices their own scanner and now the military is using these scanners all over. It means better manufacturing, administering, and application of this groundbreaking technology.

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How Far Has 3D Scanning Come: EA Sports Showing Off the New Technology

EA Sports Showing Off the New Technology-2
Video games are a large part of society now, and when we’re talking about sports games the leading brand (well, one of the leading brands) is EA SPORTS. EA SPORTS has taken it upon themselves to perfect the art of the 3D model this time around, because they really wanted to perfect the experience that gamers were going to have this year. The faces have never looked so life-like before, and it’s something that has plenty of fans buzzing and getting as hyped up as they’ve ever been. It’s always nice to be excited about something, but it’s even nicer when you can understand what it’s all about. 3D scanning is a process EA SPORTS has been using to collectively scan the many superstars you’ll see in the new FIFA 15 video game, and since soccer (which is known as “futbol” in many places) is so popular they needed to handle the process as cleanly as possible.

The coolest thing about this entire endeavour is that they actually printed off 3D versions of superstar heads, just to prove that they’ve created some of the most realistic graphics ever seen. The only reason they were able to accomplish this is through the use of 3D scanning, so does that mean this is what we should start expecting from video games? The graphics speak for themselves, the starts definitely look like their real-life counterparts and that’s something that we can all enjoy as soccer (or futbol, whatever floats your boat) fans. EA SPORTS worked alongside 3DPRINTUK to bring these superstars to life in their video game, and they definitely did a great job when it comes to capturing details.

They were able to go through the smallest and most intricate things you would ever see, stuff like blemishes on a person’s face or how their hair is done shows up through the use of 3d scanning technology. It really puts how much the world is innovating into perspective, it wasn’t too long ago that video game graphics were a lot more “humble” than they are today (yet they still intrigued us as if they were an alien species of some sort). One thing is for certain, 3D scanning is going to change the way people go about capturing superstars (whether they be in movies, make music or simply play sports) for a long time into the foreseen future. It’s really cool because the players got to hold a bust of their head, but it wasn’t a traditional kind of bust. It was printed using a 3D printer and sported skin tones and beauty spots alike, it’s truly something that leaves you stunned.

3D scanning is making large leaps when it comes to innovating technology, so what’s the next step? Nobody really knows but the people who actually develop the process of 3D printing, so I suppose the best thing we can do at this point is just wait. The one good piece of news is that FIFA 15 is coming out relatively soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Image source: www.easports.com/fifa

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Using 3D Scanning To Honor An American Hero

Chris_Kyle_Greg_marraThe wonders of the world of 3D scanning and printing just keep piling in daily. The uses are so various that one’s mind can boggle at the unending potential. In this case here’s a story about how using this technology to create a statue of a man, a hero is done.

Hero Navy Seal Chris Kyle is the subject of this breathtaking sculpture and the company EMS Inc teamed up with notable sculptor Greg Marra to scan and pring in 3D a larger than life full body statue of the fallen hero who died while assisting other veterans.

The project called for Marra’s skills and the 3D wizardry of EMS Inc to help raise money for U.S. Veterans.

Using the MetraScan 3D Scanner, Marra took the life sized sculpture and captured every detail. The data is recorded in the software where it can be easily manipulated. This allows Marra to tweak the scan and using 3D printing materials he can produce as many sculpts as he wants. He can even send the software to another location anywhere on Earth where there is a printer and have the sculpture reproduced there.

Using both traditional and high tech tools from EMS Inc, Marra can fine tune things. Starting with a small sculpt and working his way up, the painstaking process calls for expertise only a master sculptor can achieve. The magic happens after the life sized sculpt is in the computer and can then be printed just about everywhere. People can buy copies or copies can be made for fundraisers. People and organizations can bid on a sculpt thus raising money and honoring Chris Kyle and veterans all over.

This is a breakthrough for all involved. This pioneering effort shows that 3D scanning and 3D printing can be of invaluable use to causes and communities all over. There are many heroes like Chris Kyle who deserve recognition for their sacrifices and by providing such an innovative approach means that new avenues are opened for both revenue and public appreciation.

Just think of the firefighters, police officers, civilians, and even animals who’ve fallen helping others. Their lives and heroics won’t be forgotten and these sculptures will last for lifetimes. Even famous Americans from George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Daniel Boone, Neil Armstrong, and tens of thousands of others can have their likenesses captured and reproduced for collectors the world over. The cost of the equipment is dropping fast and the know-how is going to allow even mom and pop venues, small communities the chance to honor their heroes.

Not all the sculptures need to be as big as Chris Kyle’s and even smaller ones can be created and auctioned or sold on sites like Ebay. The potential revenue could be enormous and the joy and satisfaction of seeing our fallen heroes live again is priceless.

Overall, no one can argue that America and the world in general owes people like Navy Seal Chris Kyle a million times over and the same goes for who knows how many other heroes. This is just one use of 3D scanning and 3D printing that is proving itself a boon to the industry and society in general.

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Racing Boat Gets Scanned Using 3D Technology

EMS-3D-Scanning-4000-High-Power-RaceboatHave you ever wanted to be able to print out a boat to use personally? It sounds like something straight out of a movie, but that’s what the ultimate goal is when you talk about EMS’s (Engineering and Mfg Services) plot to take over the 3D scanning world. 3D scanning gives us a brand new edge to make use of when it comes to the design and manufacturing of inanimate objects, at this point in time if you’re able to scan it with  3D scanner or simply design it yourself, you’ll be able to print it off. A new development regarding an expensive racing boat has shaken the 3D technology world, because when it comes to designing boats and such there are definitely harder ways to go about doing it.

The company Mystic Boats sold a racing boat to a peculiar company whom was trying to convert them into “luxury boats”, complete with bathrooms and a cockpit for the driver to relax in. The problem is that they wanted to maintain the “outer shell” (so to speak) of the traditional racing boat that they had purchase, and the only way to develop plans with the bathroom and cockpit in them would be to have a detailed layout of the original boat. This is where the Surphaser 3D scanner comes into play, because they were thinking of 3D scanning the entire inside of the boat so that they could develop accordingly. EMS has brought a lot of useful technology to the table, and when they were contacted to scan the boat there was never a second guess as to how successful they would be.

The interior of the boat was scanned (for the most part) with a 360 degree process pertaining to the Surphraser scanner, and as a result they were able to obtain almost every single nook and cranny associated with the inside of the boat. There were obviously some blank areas to look at, but the interior was gone over a second time with the Z800 scanner (which is a handheld 3D scanner). After both scans they simply laid both scans over top of one another, and the result is a perfectly sculpted 3D model of the inside of the boat. EMS is making leaps when it comes to 3D scanning innovations, so keep an open ear for anything they tackle in the future.

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3D Scanning Implemented Within a Car Design

Zebedee 3D scanner3D scanning has always seemed like something out of a comic book, but it’s always weird to realize how realistic the process is these days. Not only that, but people are taking it upon themselves to work the development into the designs of futuristic cars. The benefits are pretty immense, and we’re going to walk you through them (and that’s only because it can be a bit tricky term-wise if we weren’t here to keep it simple!). The scanner is known as the Zebedee scanner, and it has been developed by the national science agency of Australia. The 3D scanner makes use of and infrared laser to take measurements of peculiar distances, and the head of the 3D scanner makes its way back and forth across the measuring dial, which results in millions of points regarding the space covered.

This is where it gets good, because this development has actually managed to complete this process much quicker than the initial time, which is a couple days’ worth of rendering and work. The pictures the scanner is able to take are astounding, and this process takes merely minutes to complete (the timing is said to hover around 10 minutes or so, which is rather quick considering it’s supposed to take days). The developers had initially started working on the scanner because they wanted any cultural sites that could be considered major to be scanned (which would be places that are somewhat difficult to get to). Police would also find a use for this scanner, as it would give them the ability to scan any crime scenes and figure out if there was anything they previously missed (as well as refute the process of contamination when it comes to the site). Cops never want to be at a crime scene longer than they have to, there’s just too much to do on a daily basis when it comes to fighting crime, so this could be truly innovative for more than one purpose.

The developers have high hopes, and they actually want the police to pick up the technology and start to use it on crime scenes. There’s no telling how much better the judicial system (as well as police work in general) would get if there was a way to map out crime scenes on a 3D scale, and never mind that the entire process is easily done.

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Recycled Bottles like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

3d printing - Recycled Bottles like You’ve Never Seen Them BeforeThe entire recycling movement is one that is whole-heartedly trying to better the world, but most people overlook the fact that recycling is incredibly crucial when it comes to the preservation of our environment. Reusing materials (especially plastic) not only cuts down on the manufacturing costs associated with the product, but it also cuts down on the potential for littering amongst other things. If there’s one thing that has the ability to blow your mind it’s definitely got to be this development, which just happens to be a 3D printer that’s been made out of recycled plastic bottles (for the most part). The EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer is a collaboration effort that brings together 3D Systems and EKOCYCLE. EKOCYCLE itself is a rather interesting brand to look at, and this is pretty much because it was originally launched by the famous musician Will.I.Am and Coca-Cola respectively.

The duty of EKOCYCLE itself is to promote a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to reusable products, and it promotes this lifestyle in a way that everybody can enjoy. Creating useful items like a 3D printer out of reusable materials shows people that they don’t necessarily need to start from scratch every single time, and it’s a way of thinking that’s needed moving forward if we’re going to change the world. It’s explained as being a tool for the future as opposed to being a tool for creation, it’s something that gets the brain juices flowing and the non-thinkers thinking. They truly believe what they’re doing at EKOCYCLE is innovative and ground-breaking in more ways than one, and most people would agree with this assessment. The plan is to work with major companies and brands across the glove the promote a lifestyle that every human being can live with comfortably, but also one that helps the world become a better place consistently.

This is the kind of product we love seeing, especially when it has to do with something intriguing like 3D printing. We know that products and companies can go into deeper roots and meanings when it comes to the development of specific items, but this really is taking it to a whole new level. EKOCYCLE and 3DS definitely deserve to garner some reputation after this whole ordeal, because creating a 3D printer out of recyclable materials isn’t exactly the easiest thing you could go about doing.

Image source: 3D Systems

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EMS 3D Tech Days 5 City Tour Proclaimed a Huge Success

Tampa, Florida – Monday, July 17, 2014

EMS, Inc the premier provider of rapid product development equipment and services was extremely pleased with the huge turnout for their latest 3D Tech Days events in 5 Florida cities.  With over 200 participants from all around Florida is was a very busy week.

3D Tech Days started this year in Orlando and traveled south to Melbourne, Ft Lauderdale, Miami and then to Tampa for the grand opening of EMS’s new larger headquarters.  “It was a very busy and productive week” stated Mark Kemper, President of EMS, Inc.  “We were pleased to see many of our existing customers as well as lots of new faces at every event.”

Highlights from the 3D Tech Days included some new 3D Printing technologies from 3D Systems including Direct Metal Printing, new SLA machines & materials, Multi-jet modeling and more.  New 3D Scanning technologies included three new scanners from Creaform, new scanning software from Steinbichler and the new 100hsx Surphaser 3D Scanner.

Spaceclaim was also on hand demonstrating their new reverse engineering software to go from scan data to CAD data faster than ever before.  Rounding out the event where EMS’s partner vendors displaying software from CAMworks, CMM machines and visions systems.

Unlike many other events, EMS’s 3D Tech Days is an open format style of event.  Meaning people come when they want and see what they want.  No boring Powerpoint presentations and high pressure sale pitches.  Just engineers helping engineers.  All products were demonstrated live and many customers brought product design ideas to discus, sample parts to 3D scan, CAD models to 3D print and much more.

EMS is planning another 3D Tech Days tour in October so if you missed this one be sure and attend the fall event.

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A new iSense 3D scanner from 3D Systems for the iPad

3D-scanner-isense by 3d-systems

This new 3D scanner for the iPad is probably the coolest thing ever invented.

It’s the iSense 3D Scanner and what it does is like something from out of Star Trek. You will find it compatible with the iPad 4 with retina display, iPad mini with retina display and iPad Air.

What this gizmo does is allows you to take a 3D picture of any object, stores it and you can then later print it via a 3D printer! Just think of the possibilities here. You take a picture of your favorite objects, let’s say your sports medals, toys, even pets and the image is stored. You just print out the object in your 3D printer and voila! You’ve got a duplicate there. The possibilities are endless. You’ve just caught that big record breaking trout and before you toss it on the barbie you take a pic of it with your iSense and you’ve got a 3D duplicate of the catch that didn’t get away and can prove it.

Valuable tools, parts, heirlooms, glass frames, and more are easily captured by the device and can be printed at leisure. The fun and excitement of this item is going to take the planet by storm even if it does cost over $400 at present and is on pre-order.

It can take an image of something as tiny as a thimble to something as big as an auto. That hot rod you built, your grandpa’s favorite tractor, the dog house, whatever, you can take a pic of it with the iSense and make a 3D print using any of the printing materials available. Take the baby and make a 3D image and print out some copies to send to relatives. Scientists in the field digging up artifacts can take an image of an item, email it to the lab and a copy is produced. Police can take images at crime scenes and make forensic duplicates to examine. Use this to make 3D images of your hands, feet, ears so that you can make custom jewelry to fit perfectly. It just doesn’t end with the possibilities.

3D Systems is the company behind all this and pre-orders are going through Cubify. As time goes on the prices are sure to drop and the technology gets better. This is truly a changing point in 3D printing industry technology and one that is going to just be the most popular thing to come along since who knows what.

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