3D Printing is Changing the Lives of the Injured

3DSystems-3dprinting-Amanda-BoxtelAmanda Boxtel was skiing in Aspen when she had a very freakish fall that resulted in her performing an involuntary somersault. The accident caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down. This meant that her doctor had to break the news that she would never walk again.

Despite her paralysis and the prognosis, a collaboration involving Ekso Bionics resulted in the 3D printer being used to do something quite unique and that was to create a hybrid 3D printed bionic suit. This suit allowed Amanda to walk and stand tall as she walked through a Singularity University-hosted event in Budapest.

Amanda dreamed for years that she would be able to walk again. She wasn’t sure how that would happen, but she knew it would happen. What she didn’t know is that she would be making history when she did so in the first ever 3D printed suit made by Ekso. It was customized to fit just her body.

In order to ensure the fit was perfect for Amanda, the 3DS team turned to 3D scanning technology to digitize Amanda’s spine, shins, and thighs so they could create a three-dimensional base that would be the foundation of the shapes of the assemblies. Ekso Bionics provided mechanical controls and actuators that were then integrated into the more fluid components that were created by the 3D printer. This is what created the suit.

For Amanda, the project represents a victory in the realm of technology and human creativity. The two came together to restore her authentic functionality in a design that is both beautiful and fashionable.

When 3D printing technology saw its roots in 1983, the vision was one that was huge. No one thought such a thing could become a reality and now it is slated to change the lives of individuals who have been injured and given prognoses that tell them that they will never be the same. In Amanda’s case, she and Esko Bionics have proven that anything is possible.

In addition to the many devices that 3DS – a pioneer in 3D technology – has developed, the world is on its way to becoming a bit less two-dimensional and more three-dimensional. From handheld 3D scanners to being able to create a 3D photograph, it is going to be interesting to see how far this technology goes, especially since it has now entered the world of medicine and is expected to continue moving forward.

Image and Video credit: eksobionics.com.

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3D System Product Announcements at CES 2014

CES-3D-Printing-3D-Scanning3D systems is showing how 3D printing can simplify life. They showed this at CES 2014 and investors are very excited with all of the products and ideas that were unveiled at the event.

Unlike the announcements that were made at EuroMold 2013, the company showed that it is also gearing toward the consumer and the small business when it comes to printing in 3D and 3D printing services. Some of the highlights include the new and improved Cube 3D printer for consumers, a ceramic and food 3D printer, and a partnership with Intel that could change everything.

In all, there were over a dozen new announcements ranging from revolutionary 3D printing capabilities to the fact will.i.am will become the new chief creative officer. Here is a breakdown of what 3DS showed the world:

  • 2 prosumer 3D printers will be entering the market
  • The third-generation cube gets a nice update and the price has decreased
  • Bakeries may have the ability to print sugary treats and decorations for cakes
  • The CubePro was introduced at a price of approximately $5,000

Also introduced was the 3DMe Photo booth where an individual can have their 3D photo taken and then a professionally 3D printed figurine shipped to the subject. This is one of the latest introductions in the realm of 3D printing services. The device is expected to come to retailers and events in the second quarter of 2014.

What 3D systems managed to do was showcase their new products for the prosumer and the professional. In the meantime, this advances the consumerism of this new technology with products and services like the iSense 3D scanner, Cubify 2.0, and many others.

As far as will.i.am serving in the position of chief creative officer, he has made plans to mainstream 3D printing services and devices even more. He has plans to create educational programs and collaborate them with brands so that the 3D printer can position itself within everyday life. He also sees a future where 3D scanning can capture moments that can then be printed out in 3D. This is similar to what the 3DMe is slated to do except the individual has their photo taken in a photo booth.

Nonetheless, 3DS proved at CES 2014 that it will be making its mark on the consumer world, which will allow 3D scanning and printing to evolve into something that virtually anyone can use.

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EMS, Inc Continues to Grow its 3D Printing Sales and Services

projet7000hd--3d-printingEMS, Inc a leading provider of 3D printing and 3D Scanning products and services is proud to announce the addition of a 3D Systems ProJet 7000 SLA (Stereolithography) 3D Printer to its 3D printing and prototyping equipment portfolio.

SLA has long been known for offering the highest resolution, highest accuracy, best surface finish and largest build sizes over any other 3D printing and rapid prototyping technology.  The ProJet 7000 SLA 3D Printer is what is considered a “cross over” 3D Printer because it bridges the gap between a large production SLA machine and an office friendly 3D Printer like 3D Systems ProJet 3500 series.

With a 15” x 15” x 10” build chamber the ProJet7000 offers the ability to build large parts in a range of materials and properties to include high impact, high strength, clear, flexible and much more.  According to EMS, Inc President Mark Kemper, “the addition of the ProJet 7000 does two things to help EMS to continue its strong growth path.  First it gives us a very fast, high resolution large format 3D Printer for our services business and secondly allows EMS to sell 3D Systems entire product lineup. 3D Systems offers everything from table top affordable 3D printers to very high tech metal PJ7000_lens_3d-printingsintering machines.”

EMS, Inc is now a premier 3D Systems reseller selling 3D Systems production line of 3D printers which include SLA, (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering).  This complements EMS already selling 3D Systems entire professional line of 3D printers which includes MJM (Multi-Jet Modeling) and ColorJet (Full 24 bit Color 3D Printing).

Source: http://www.prlog.org/12277321-ems-inc-continues-to-grow-its-3d-printing-sales-and-services.html

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A Dozen New Consumer 3D Products Introduced by 3D Systems at CES 2014

3d-systems-new-logo3D systems mainstreamed consumer 3D printing by introducing a dozen new 3D printers and other products at CES 2014. It also revealed partnerships and experiences that will push its entire portfolio of consumer solutions into 2014 and beyond.

The company also announced at CES that it has appointed global entertainer, Will.i.am, who is a philanthropist and entrepreneur, as the Chief Creative Officer at 3DS. This gives him the responsibility of mainstreaming 3D printing through collaborating with innovative global campaigns, creative brand partners, and educational grand challenges. All of this is in an effort to further popularize 3D printers.

This next-gen consumer and prosumer product line is attractive, compelling, productive, and is easy for individuals to use. It was also announced that 3DS will be collaborating with Intel Corporation, allowing it to make its consumer Sense scanning, editing, and 3D printing software applications available on a number of Intel products. These products will be outfitted with Intel’s RealSense 3D camera

3DS was also featured in the Samsung Electronics Booth at CES. Samsung demonstrated how easy it may be for the consumer to push their creative processes a little further by being able to render their designs in 3D. Through 3D printers, individuals can open themselves up to a whole new world of design. 3DS has created an application that allows Galaxy Note users to create and design special 3D coins that can then be inserted into special Galaxy Note cases.

The 3DS showcase at CES 2014 included:

The very first consumer plug and play 3D printer for use every day, which is a Cube 3D printer and the third generation of its kind.

Professional-quality 3D print capabilities for the consumer through the CubePro. This printer has the highest print volume in its class.

The first edible sugar and chocolate 3D printer was introduced. This is known as the ChefJet and it is can create printed décor and candies. These 3D printers are expected to have an impact in the baking industry.

A ceramic 3D printer that is designed for those who enjoy ceramics and pottery. The ceramic objects that are printed are ready for firing and glazing.

A desktop 3D printer that is full-color, vibrant, and affordable. One complaint that many consumers have had is that 3D printer are not affordable for them. They want to engage in 3D printing, but price deters them. This printer removes that obstacle for under $5,000.

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3D Printing to Give Military an Advantage in the Field


3D printing is revolutionary. In Panama City Beach, it is said that this technology is going to give the military an unfair advantage when in the field.

Right now, new concepts are being tested. Everything from vehicles to other pieces of equipment necessary in combat are being created with 3D printers so that they can be thoroughly analyzed. This practice is expected to take an already powerful military and make it more powerful.

One technician working with the Navy’s new 3D printer has experience building everything from small trucks to elephants. He even printed a small boat model through 3D printing. It is a process that takes approximately 40 hours, but any other manufacturing process would be more expensive and the entire process would take longer.

Things that now take months to create from scratch can now be done in a matter of days. It is expected that 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing. Perhaps a person can go into an auto parts store, ask for a specific part and, if it is not available in the inventory, they can request a printed copy that will function perfectly fine.

In fact, 3DS recently unveiled printers that are able to be used to create ceramics. There is even a 3D printer that can create confections that bakeries will most likely capitalize on by being able to quickly make some of the decorations that they need. What’s more is that those decorations and other parts of the sugary treats will be completely edible.

The capabilities of these 3D printing devices are quite advanced. This is true in the commercial sector and the consumer and prosumer sector. Both the military and commercial establishments can invest in printers that will make 3D printing an activity that is very profitable. At the same time, consumers are getting a taste of what 3D printing can do for them in the comfort of their homes. From the need for a specific piece for a project to artists being able to take their creativity a bit further, it is no wonder that 3D printers are considered the next greatest piece of technology.

As for the United States Navy, a simple 3D printer is putting this military powerhouse in a position to maintain its place as the number one navy in the world. It has always had the best innovators and leading technology. Now it can continue to do so.

Picture credit: http://www.wjhg.com/

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3D Systems Reveals iSense Consumer Scanner

i-sense-image-500On January 7, 2014, 3D Systems unveiled its iSense 3D scanner. This is a new 3DS consumer scanner for iPad. Although this is a scanner made for a mobile device, the 3D printing optimization is seamless and printing through a 3D scanning service is easy.

The iSense is perfect for physical photography, allowing photographers to step into an arena that they have never stepped into before. The scanner can be used to scan anything and a person does not have to stand still or place an object into a box like other 3D scanners require.

In order to successfully use the scanner, all the user has to do is attach the iSense to an iPad. If they wish to walk around and scan environments or objects, they can do so and then have a photorealistic copy of the thing that they scanned. If the user doesn’t have a 3D printer, then all they have to do is send the image to a 3D scanning service that can take the scanned images and convert them into photorealistic copy.

Furthermore, the iSense fully integrates with the Cube family of consumer and prosumer 3D printers. Consumers can utilize cloud printing by uploading options to Cubify.com. This 3D scanning service offers materials that include Aluminix, Ceramix, and Clear. This eliminates the need for a person to invest in a 3D printer if they do not want to or they cannot afford to do so at this time.

It should also be noted that iSense will be fully compatible with any apps that are designed for Occipital’s Structure Sensor. Continue reading

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3D Imagery Preserves Art Treasures

3d scanning Nofretete3D scanning is expected to preserve art for the ages. For instance, the Bust of Nefertiti can take a ride on a conveyer belt so it can be thoroughly scanned and a copy saved that will stand the test of time. The idea behind the 3D scanning of art is to preserve the outer shape of art digitally. That way if disaster or war destroyed the original, the last resort of making a replica of the original could be achieved.

Nefertiti already went through this process. The scanner that is used to perform this feat, if regularly produced, could become a valuable tool in making copies of original art quickly. This can eliminate the need to use plaster casts to replicate sculptures.

Preserving The Past

There are some countries that have had issues with preserving their pasts. Germany is one of those, although they have preserved a lot. Unfortunately, they’ve had setbacks. For instance, the City of Weimar’s library was damaged by fire a decade ago and 50,000 books from the 17th and 18th centuries were ruined. This has resulted in the value of digital copies being recognized.

3D scanning has also been cited as a way to make replicas that can be loaned easily. Some museums even have artifacts that they do not make seen by the public. By replicating them, they can make the treasures seen. On average a valuable museum artifact is only displayed every 10 to 15 years. Three-dimensional replication may result in more frequent displays of rare artifacts.

The Darmstadt Scanner

The Darmstadt scanner, used to scan Nefertiti, is in Germany. The Bust of Nefertiti took a while, but any similar object would also take quite some time. While there are other ways to perform 3D scanning, the Darmstadt researchers say that their scanner is faster because a regular machine can take up to 24 hours to scan a part of the whole.

There are a lot of moving parts to this machine. The object is placed on a conveyer belt that pushes it between two semi-circular gantries. There are nine light sources inside the inner arch and nine outside. The arches move over the bust and the cameras take pictures so the geometric reconstruction can be calculated. From here, an image is produced. A robotic arm with a second scanner then fills in the gaps of the 3D model to complete the digital picture. Although a lengthy process, this may revolutionize art preservation.


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EuroMold 2013: Product Highlights in 3D printing Technology

3d printing and 3d scanning technology at EuroMold 2013

Euromold 2013 saw four days of product reveals and technology displays. Now that it has come to a close, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the 3D printing industry. 3D Systems revealed a number of products, such as the Sense Consumer Scanner and the ProX 950. All of these products are slated to change the direction of the industry throughout 2014 and beyond.

Here are some of the products that were revealed:

  • Sense Consumer Scanner – The Sense Consumer Scanner gives photography a different edge, allowing individuals to savor every dimension of their wedding photos, graduation day, or the arrival of a new baby. Once scanned, the image can be converted into a three-dimensional image.
  • ProX 950 This is a production 3D printer that comes with a great deal of accuracy and completes more projects faster than the standard printer. It uses PolyRay print head technology, manufacturing real parts at 10 times the speed of competitor printers.
  • ProX 300 After 10 years of research and development, the end result is metal 3D printing, which is what the ProX 300 does. Setup times are short, print speeds are fast, and the parts are very dense. It has the ability to produce very complex parts and assemblies. Continue reading

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Art and Science of Car Design Merged by 3D Scanning

3D scanning is an advanced measuring technology that is frequently used for the reproduction and restoration of fine art. Now it has helped Cadillac, create a concept car that can be considered a “work of art.”


The Elmiraj concept car appeared at the Los Angeles International Auto Show until December 1, 2013. 3D scanning played an important role in the creation of this concept car.

An update to the classic two-door grand coupe, the Elmiraj was created through the extensive use of digital mapping technology. 3D scanning was used as the bridge between digital modeling teams that utilize math and hand-sculpting teams who work in clay modeling. The clay model was scanned with precision and speed, and then it was converted into data that was interpreted by the digital modeling team so that the specifications of the design could be created and duplicated.

Basically, the way it works is this: projected light patterns are used by the scanner and an advanced camera captures the 3D shapes so they can be translated into math data. This math data is then manipulated into digital modeling programs that are used to make full-size models.

This is an example of how 3-dimensional scanning has played an important role in car design. It usually starts with a 2D image that is turned into a 3D mathematical rendering. These math models are the basis for the clay hand modeling and the milling that is controlled by computer. The 3D images then allow for reverse engineering and the master math model is updated. Any changes that are made to the math model are then updated in the physical model through milling the clay.

GM is a company that has been notorious for using this technology. In fact, they have been doing so since 2001. They are able to record every change in design with extreme accuracy. A single scan can reveal when there is a need to take a step back and fix something that may be wrong. This allows the car manufacturers to work faster and achieve perfection much easier.

GM alone executes thousands upon thousands of scans annually to troubleshoot part irregularities and to achieve competitive benchmarking.

Overall, 3D scanning enables car manufactures to translate surface from a scale model so a full0size model can be created. Because of this digital mapping technology, this is a process that is completed in less than a week. For Cadillac, it helped create a beautiful concept car.

Picture credit: cadillac.com

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Press Release: EMS Receives a Federal Firearms License

EMS  Receives a  Federal Firearms License_FFL_LogoEMS, Inc a leading provider of 3D scanning and 3D Printing products and services has received a Federal Firearms License (FFL) from the ATF.  A FFL allows EMS to accept shipments of firearms directly to their office for 3D scanning, engineering, prototyping and other services.

EMS  Receives a  Federal Firearms License_ITAR_1The use of 3D digital technology in the world of firearms has become increasing popular.  Applications include add-on accessories, holsters, laser sites, custom grips, and much more.  EMS uses some of the best 3D scanners on the market with an accuracy and resolution of less the 20 microns (0.00078”).  This is extremely important for high precision firearms where accuracy is critical.

According to Mark Kemper, President of EMS, Inc “We have been 3D scanning firearms for years but have had to work through a third party FFL.  Having our own FFL speeds up the process so we can work directly with our customers.”

EMS is also ITAR certified which allows it to work with companies involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of weapons and other related systems used by the US government and military forces.

About EMS

Since 2001 EMS has grown to become one of the premier providers of 3D scanning, 3D printing and product development services and products.  For over 12 years EMS has helped thousands of clients across a variety of industries build and manage their ideas and bring them to life.  EMS is based in Tampa, FL and has offices in Atlanta, GA and Auburn Hills, MI.

To learn more about all the products and services EMS, Inc. provides contact us at:

Corporate Office
EMS, Inc.
5803 Breckenridge Pkwy, Ste D

Tampa, FL 33610

Source: http://www.prlog.org/12250299-ems-receives-federal-firearms-license.html

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