Using 3D Printing For Advanced Surface Scans


3D printing has taken on some awesome forms of approaches to aiding engineers and creative to apply innovative techniques.  One such of note is software that helps to simulate surface materials and in this case, cars.

Using proprietary software, this technique utilizes a scanning technology that covers the surface of a car and then allows that data to be modified. This allows the engineers to best speculate on which surface details they need to change for greater efficiency and aesthetics.  To be able to test and view new surfaces means savings of incredible amounts of money and man hours.  Specialists can crunch the numbers so to speak and bring about a far more efficient approach to manufacturing and production.  3D printing by 3D Systems is the leading industry for this and for good reason.

Called Class A Resurfacing and the company Millit5 has broken through with innovative scanning that has ears open and eyes bugging.  Using 3D Systems’ software and 3D printing tech they’ve made a name for themselves with resurfacing and creating models that give far more efficiency and engineering applications that had never been seen before.  Interior and exterior scanning of the cars allows for a 40% scale model for use in wind tunnel and acoustic testing.  Using Geomagic DesignX, a trademarked process they are also able to make a fine marriage of hybrid use of both scanning and creating solid models.

In addition the use of ICEM for better fine tuning of Class A Surfacing brings engineers even closer to detailing and tweaking of surface areas of the motor vehicle.  Minute changes by engineers can be clearly seen and worked on in real time.  This digital wizardry is bringing about a revolution in the way autos are designed and engineered.  This approach can catch those pesky dents and dings that might have been missed.  Matching industry standards of G2 and G3 surface quality they can bring about a tolerance of .5 millimeters deviation from scan to surface in downstream CFD flow analysis.

What all this means is that thanks to 3D Systems and the other software available new approaches and finishing of high end models of just about any object can be achieved. It takes fine artists and engineers to master the technologies but excellent craftsmanship calls for this. The ability now to scan with such precision and then use 3D printing to produce such models of exceptional accuracy makes the future of 3D printing even more alluring.

From high end cars to household objects, toys, tools, and more, 3D printing using this kind of software and combination of such means the sky’s the limit for engineers and artists in this new age of the 21st Century.

The implications for the future are breathless.  As companies like 3D Systems and their partners improve on the technologies available we may well see far more accessible and affordable devices for the home and business that will be like something out of a science fiction movie.  Scanning favorite objects, tweaking them in the software and then 3D printing them at one’s leisure is something one doesn’t see except for in a Star Trek episode.

3D printing is taking hold as a major new industry and people at home and the office are grasping for every new instrument and breakthrough.  Soon we’ll see these technologies all over and making life much more productive.

Image credit: 3D Systems

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EMS 3D Scanning Gets Trashy

EMS was recently contacted by a company wanted to offer scaled models of the reuse trucks they sell to their customers. The vehicle of interest is a Lodalside loader truck which represents the latest technology in the refuse hauling business. EMS determined the best approach would be to 3D Scan an actual truck and then build a CAD model suitable for 3D Printing.

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Creaform’s New 3D Scanner

Creaform's New 3D ScannerYou would not believe that such an advancement in a 3D scanner could arrive so early in this game but Creaform’s 3D scanner is here and available right now!

You’ve probably seen those bulky 3D scanners that look like it takes two hands to hold and scan slower than molasses running uphill.  Those days are gone as this new scanner is 50% smaller and much faster, delivering measurements so accurate that it changes the game in back engineering as well.

You can easily hold and scan objects without obstruction or ridiculous adjustments and commands.  It’s so easy to use and operate that fans of the Creaform products just can’t put it down.  It’s a show off piece for sure because of the engineering, ergonomic, highly efficient, paradigm shift in the 3D scanner game.

This new Handy Scan 3D are a really true portable metrology grade series of 3D scanners.  The HandySCAN300 and the HandySCAN700 are the new kids on the block with super efficient accuracy and high resolution that makes examining and 3D scanning objects for 3D printing and manufacturing.

The new features of these devices include 50% smaller than previous scanners, 35% lighter, excellent freedom of movement, 40% more accurate, 25 times faster, and much more.

You’re talking about a 3D scanner advancement that sets the high mark for other companies to reach.  With its on demand user calibration it can be calibrated as many times as you need.  In just minutes it’s ready to operate.  It has a self positioning approach that needs no other system to operate.  In addition there are multi-function buttons that allow for easier operation overall.  Accuracy in real time, an optical reflector system that is used to create a reference system that even if the object is moved around or changes in the environment occur the readings from the 3D scanner will be just fine.  That’s an improvement that was thought to be impossible just a few years ago.

Portability of this 3D scanner is like a dream come true.  Just take it with you on the go and when you need to scan something just whip it out and you’re good to go.  In the field this is of immense value and saves major amounts of time, money, and resources as the information can be transferred to the manufacturing center in a flash.  That needed part or on the spot adjusted part can be sent back for testing thus saving even more.

Basically what we’re talking about here with these HandySCAN 3D scanners are portable, ready to use in a few minutes, technology that allows for duplicating an object and prepping it for analysis and production.  It is designed to do the job without need of complex training or operation and is something like a device from out of the future.  Operators can carry this lightweight 3D scanner with them wherever they go and utilize it with ease and comfort thus making the entire processes of development, analysis, back engineering, repair, and innovation just a few push buttons away.

Once again Creaform delivers the future today with the most advanced 3D scanner systems on the market.

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3D Scanning of Pediment Figures by EMS

3d scanning projectThe Pediment figures about the south entrance to the Mississippi State Capitol building represent agriculture, industry and the arts. EMS , Inc was hired to 3D Scan the figures and generate high resolution 3D scan files. The 3D Scan files where used to generate high resolution renderings and a scaled 3D Printed model. The renderings and model are being used to raise funds to build a full scale replica of the Pediment figures.

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Windsor House Ruins 3D Scanning Project

IMG_63323D Scanning the entire Windsor House Ruins site.  The purpose is to document the site in 3D and build full size replicas of three of the pillars for an exhibit. In addition, EMS provided high resolution renderings and scaled 3D Printed models to raise awareness and funds for the project.

Using a lift to scan 40 feet up to capture all the detail of the capitals. Capitals are very detailed and require the highest resolution 3D scanners.

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3D Printing Takes On The World Of Dentistry

3D Printing Takes On The World Of Dentistry

Like something out of the television Star Trek, the phenomenon of 3D printing never ceases to amaze the public and industry as a whole.

That being said it was inevitable that the value of this technology would hit the medical end with a  bang.  Dentistry is where it’s being used as well and the results are so startling it has changed the face of dentistry from top to bottom.  Utilizing the 3D printing technologies of 3D Systems, such breakthroughs in your industry can be had as well.

Prime example comes from Mr. Michal Hermanek, owner of MicroDent.  His company is the largest in the Slovakia regions.  They handle dental CAD/CAM services and supplies.  He sent his designs out to numerous 3D printing companies and only found 3D Systems to be what he was looking for.  Mr. Hermanek’s assessment of the superior quality of 3D Systems 3D printing is mirrored by the other clients of the company.

None can doubt that 3D Systems is at the top of their game.  Industry leaders they are and their ability to go from concept to design to manufacturing is legendary.  You’ll find that 3D Systems is now the standard setter amongst the industries involved.  From freefrom modeling, integrated 2D scan-based design couple with the traditional ways that are tried and true, 3D Systems melds the finest in procedures and oversight that fine craftsmanship demands.

They know their final products whether done in house or from remote digital input has to meet their staff’s high standard of excellence.  Only painstaking effort and real eye to digital control can achieve this and 3D Systems has.

3D Systems does things the old and new fashioned ways.  It all starts with an idea.  Something from someone, a human’s head.  Not some bank of computer graphics and things anyone can acquire, but from a real idea.  From there, their experts pour over the most effective and cost efficient way of bringing that idea to to light.  Pen to paper and from that paper to computer means a path of growth from idea to finished digital design and on to the magic of 3D printing.  Prototypes or finished products emerge and are of sturdy construct.  Their professionals inspect everything and give the stamp of approval only after rigorous examination and testing.

So when it comes to your 3D printing needs, just remember that 3D Systems is the company the professionals go to.  Efficiency is an understatement and quality the foremost.

Picture credit: 3D Systems

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3D Scanning has helped the North American Eagle to a new world record


3D scanning is becoming more and more popular these days, especially when it comes to rendering models for various scientific projects. 3D scanners take a real object or the environment and collects data on that object in order to create digital 3D models. The data collected from the objects or environment could include the shape and color of those items.

3D Systems Geomagic Solutions

3D Systems Geomagic Solutions has helped the North American Eagle to a new world record. The North American Eagle is a 56 foot-long car that is jet powered. It was built from the fuselage of a Lockheed F-104 fighter jet. It was designed to one day drive as fast as 771 MPH.

When the team working on the vehicle, from Washington State, began to remodel the fuselage, it realized that a complete 3D model of the vehicle would be necessary for the project. This would be the first step in making sure the aerodynamics and shock resistance of the vehicle were perfect.

The vehicle was scanned with a Photon Laser scanner from FARO and Capture 3D technologies. The laser scanned the vehicle, recording 30 million points and putting them into a point cloud. The points were then read and transferred by Geomagic Studio into usable data for the team. The data was then used to determine airflows on the vehicle as well as how shock waves would affect it.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

3D scanning can be very beneficial for those who use it often and correctly. Some of those benefits include aiding in the design of a product using a part from someone else, provide an updated version of an out-of-date CAD model, effectively record complex parts and shapes and record missing or replacement parts.

3D Scanning Pipeline

The process of gathering and placing all of the data from a scanned object into one area is known as the 3D scanning pipeline. For the most part, just a single scan will not do the trick for recording the data of an object. You will need multiple scans to accomplish this, including various angles of the object. For the most part, it will take hundreds of scans to achieve the 3D version of an object you desire.

Once all of the data is streamlined into a reference system, the data can then be combined, or merged, to form the 3D version of the object. The 3D scanning services available today are divided into two categories; non-contact and contact 3D scanners.

Picture credit: 3D Systems

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3D Printing is Changing the Lives of the Injured

3DSystems-3dprinting-Amanda-BoxtelAmanda Boxtel was skiing in Aspen when she had a very freakish fall that resulted in her performing an involuntary somersault. The accident caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down. This meant that her doctor had to break the news that she would never walk again.

Despite her paralysis and the prognosis, a collaboration involving Ekso Bionics resulted in the 3D printer being used to do something quite unique and that was to create a hybrid 3D printed bionic suit. This suit allowed Amanda to walk and stand tall as she walked through a Singularity University-hosted event in Budapest.

Amanda dreamed for years that she would be able to walk again. She wasn’t sure how that would happen, but she knew it would happen. What she didn’t know is that she would be making history when she did so in the first ever 3D printed suit made by Ekso. It was customized to fit just her body.

In order to ensure the fit was perfect for Amanda, the 3DS team turned to 3D scanning technology to digitize Amanda’s spine, shins, and thighs so they could create a three-dimensional base that would be the foundation of the shapes of the assemblies. Ekso Bionics provided mechanical controls and actuators that were then integrated into the more fluid components that were created by the 3D printer. This is what created the suit.

For Amanda, the project represents a victory in the realm of technology and human creativity. The two came together to restore her authentic functionality in a design that is both beautiful and fashionable.

When 3D printing technology saw its roots in 1983, the vision was one that was huge. No one thought such a thing could become a reality and now it is slated to change the lives of individuals who have been injured and given prognoses that tell them that they will never be the same. In Amanda’s case, she and Esko Bionics have proven that anything is possible.

In addition to the many devices that 3DS – a pioneer in 3D technology – has developed, the world is on its way to becoming a bit less two-dimensional and more three-dimensional. From handheld 3D scanners to being able to create a 3D photograph, it is going to be interesting to see how far this technology goes, especially since it has now entered the world of medicine and is expected to continue moving forward.

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3D System Product Announcements at CES 2014

CES-3D-Printing-3D-Scanning3D systems is showing how 3D printing can simplify life. They showed this at CES 2014 and investors are very excited with all of the products and ideas that were unveiled at the event.

Unlike the announcements that were made at EuroMold 2013, the company showed that it is also gearing toward the consumer and the small business when it comes to printing in 3D and 3D printing services. Some of the highlights include the new and improved Cube 3D printer for consumers, a ceramic and food 3D printer, and a partnership with Intel that could change everything.

In all, there were over a dozen new announcements ranging from revolutionary 3D printing capabilities to the fact will become the new chief creative officer. Here is a breakdown of what 3DS showed the world:

  • 2 prosumer 3D printers will be entering the market
  • The third-generation cube gets a nice update and the price has decreased
  • Bakeries may have the ability to print sugary treats and decorations for cakes
  • The CubePro was introduced at a price of approximately $5,000

Also introduced was the 3DMe Photo booth where an individual can have their 3D photo taken and then a professionally 3D printed figurine shipped to the subject. This is one of the latest introductions in the realm of 3D printing services. The device is expected to come to retailers and events in the second quarter of 2014.

What 3D systems managed to do was showcase their new products for the prosumer and the professional. In the meantime, this advances the consumerism of this new technology with products and services like the iSense 3D scanner, Cubify 2.0, and many others.

As far as serving in the position of chief creative officer, he has made plans to mainstream 3D printing services and devices even more. He has plans to create educational programs and collaborate them with brands so that the 3D printer can position itself within everyday life. He also sees a future where 3D scanning can capture moments that can then be printed out in 3D. This is similar to what the 3DMe is slated to do except the individual has their photo taken in a photo booth.

Nonetheless, 3DS proved at CES 2014 that it will be making its mark on the consumer world, which will allow 3D scanning and printing to evolve into something that virtually anyone can use.

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EMS, Inc Continues to Grow its 3D Printing Sales and Services


projet7000hd--3d-printingEMS, Inc a leading provider of 3D printing and 3D Scanning products and services is proud to announce the addition of a 3D Systems ProJet 7000 SLA (Stereolithography) 3D Printer to its 3D printing and prototyping equipment portfolio.

SLA has long been known for offering the highest resolution, highest accuracy, best surface finish and largest build sizes over any other 3D printing and rapid prototyping technology.  The ProJet 7000 SLA 3D Printer is what is considered a “cross over” 3D Printer because it bridges the gap between a large production SLA machine and an office friendly 3D Printer like 3D Systems ProJet 3500 series.

With a 15” x 15” x 10” build chamber the ProJet7000 offers the ability to build large parts in a range of materials and properties to include high impact, high strength, clear, flexible and much more.  According to EMS, Inc President Mark Kemper, “the addition of the ProJet 7000 does two things to help EMS to continue its strong growth path.  First it gives us a very fast, high resolution large format 3D Printer for our services business and secondly allows EMS to sell 3D Systems entire product lineup. 3D Systems offers everything from table top affordable 3D printers to very high tech metal PJ7000_lens_3d-printingsintering machines.”

EMS, Inc is now a premier 3D Systems reseller selling 3D Systems production line of 3D printers which include SLA, (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering).  This complements EMS already selling 3D Systems entire professional line of 3D printers which includes MJM (Multi-Jet Modeling) and ColorJet (Full 24 bit Color 3D Printing).


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