3D Scanning Proves Itself With High Performance Engine Parts

Leave it to Steeda Motorsports to be ahead of the rest in applied 3D scanning technology. Already owning a 3D scanner from renowned company EMS, the company wanted to have it’s 2012 Mustang Boss 302 intake scanned so as to better fit it and manufacture it. Thanks to EMS the problem wasn’t a mountain but … Read more

3D Scanning Helps Military MRAP Vehicles

The continued versatility and use of 3D scanning has been embraced by the U.S. Military and is accelerating and there’s no end in sight to the value of this new technology. In this case, it’s the MRAP vehicle designed to withstand IDE and other explosive devices. Since deploying the MRAP vehicles to protect soldiers, the … Read more

Racing Boat Gets Scanned Using 3D Technology

Have you ever wanted to be able to print out a boat to use personally? It sounds like something straight out of a movie, but that’s what the ultimate goal is when you talk about EMS’s (Engineering and Mfg Services) plot to take over the 3D scanning world. 3D scanning gives us a brand new … Read more

3D Scanning of Pediment Figures by EMS

The Pediment figures about the south entrance to the Mississippi State Capitol building represent agriculture, industry and the arts. EMS , Inc was hired to 3D Scan the figures and generate high resolution 3D scan files. The 3D Scan files where used to generate high resolution renderings and a scaled 3D Printed model. The renderings and … Read more

Sydney Opera House Gets the 3D Scanning Treatment

sydney opera houseAs you likely know by now, 3D scanning has a multitude of uses. In fact, it can be used to capture human faces, recreate auto parts, and replicate architecture. It’s the latter option that we’re going to talk about today. In fact, a project called The Scottish Ten is making it their personal goal to capture and recreate models of famous UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

The project began in Scotland in collaboration with Historic Scotland, the heritage agency within the Scottish government; CyArk, a digital heritage organization; and The Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio and now it’s moving all over the world to capture historic sites for preservation.

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