3D Systems Reveals iSense Consumer Scanner

i-sense-image-500On January 7, 2014, 3D Systems unveiled its iSense 3D scanner. This is a new 3DS consumer scanner for iPad. Although this is a scanner made for a mobile device, the 3D printing optimization is seamless and printing through a 3D scanning service is easy.

The iSense is perfect for physical photography, allowing photographers to step into an arena that they have never stepped into before. The scanner can be used to scan anything and a person does not have to stand still or place an object into a box like other 3D scanners require.

In order to successfully use the scanner, all the user has to do is attach the iSense to an iPad. If they wish to walk around and scan environments or objects, they can do so and then have a photorealistic copy of the thing that they scanned. If the user doesn’t have a 3D printer, then all they have to do is send the image to a 3D scanning service that can take the scanned images and convert them into photorealistic copy.

Furthermore, the iSense fully integrates with the Cube family of consumer and prosumer 3D printers. Consumers can utilize cloud printing by uploading options to Cubify.com. This 3D scanning service offers materials that include Aluminix, Ceramix, and Clear. This eliminates the need for a person to invest in a 3D printer if they do not want to or they cannot afford to do so at this time.

It should also be noted that iSense will be fully compatible with any apps that are designed for Occipital’s Structure Sensor.

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