Making Cool Koozies With 3D Printing

Just about everyone has used a koozie at one point or another.  One fits their drink inside and it stays cool.  Improving on this simple concept, EMS and 3D Coolie came up with a way to use 3D printing to create prototypes like never before. The challenge was making prototypes that featured the colors and … Read more

Townley Reinvents Themselves With 3D Printing

Townley Engineering & Manufacturing is a company that’s dedicated to innovation, especially when it comes to the manufacturing process regarding their replacement impellers. Impellers are important pieces when dealing with the mining industry, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to make sure that these parts are as efficient as possible (they’ve even gone as far … Read more

3D Scanning Proves Itself With High Performance Engine Parts

Leave it to Steeda Motorsports to be ahead of the rest in applied 3D scanning technology. Already owning a 3D scanner from renowned company EMS, the company wanted to have it’s 2012 Mustang Boss 302 intake scanned so as to better fit it and manufacture it. Thanks to EMS the problem wasn’t a mountain but … Read more

Using 3D Scanning To Honor An American Hero

The wonders of the world of 3D scanning and printing just keep piling in daily. The uses are so various that one’s mind can boggle at the unending potential. In this case here’s a story about how using this technology to create a statue of a man, a hero is done. Hero Navy Seal Chris … Read more

Recycled Bottles like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The entire recycling movement is one that is whole-heartedly trying to better the world, but most people overlook the fact that recycling is incredibly crucial when it comes to the preservation of our environment. Reusing materials (especially plastic) not only cuts down on the manufacturing costs associated with the product, but it also cuts down … Read more