3D Printing Rescues Powerade At The World Cup

3D printing continues to show how popular it is regardinc commerical products, displays, and promotions.  This year the amazing global phenomena of the World Cup soccer tournament features a product that is a keynote work of 3D printing and the popular sports drink Powerade. Powerade is consumed by the millions of gallons daily by the … Read more

EMS 3D Scanning Gets Trashy

EMS was recently contacted by a company wanted to offer scaled models of the reuse trucks they sell to their customers. The vehicle of interest is a Lodalside loader truck which represents the latest technology in the refuse hauling business. EMS determined the best approach would be to 3D Scan an actual truck and then build … Read more

Creaform’s New 3D Scanner

You would not believe that such an advancement in a 3D scanner could arrive so early in this game but Creaform’s 3D scanner is here and available right now! You’ve probably seen those bulky 3D scanners that look like it takes two hands to hold and scan slower than molasses running uphill.  Those days are … Read more

3D Scanning of Pediment Figures by EMS

The Pediment figures about the south entrance to the Mississippi State Capitol building represent agriculture, industry and the arts. EMS , Inc was hired to 3D Scan the figures and generate high resolution 3D scan files. The 3D Scan files where used to generate high resolution renderings and a scaled 3D Printed model. The renderings and … Read more

Windsor House Ruins 3D Scanning Project

3D Scanning the entire Windsor House Ruins site.  The purpose is to document the site in 3D and build full size replicas of three of the pillars for an exhibit. In addition, EMS provided high resolution renderings and scaled 3D Printed models to raise awareness and funds for the project. Using a lift to scan … Read more