Using 3D Scanning To Honor An American Hero

The wonders of the world of 3D scanning and printing just keep piling in daily. The uses are so various that one’s mind can boggle at the unending potential. In this case here’s a story about how using this technology to create a statue of a man, a hero is done. Hero Navy Seal Chris … Read more

Racing Boat Gets Scanned Using 3D Technology

Have you ever wanted to be able to print out a boat to use personally? It sounds like something straight out of a movie, but that’s what the ultimate goal is when you talk about EMS’s (Engineering and Mfg Services) plot to take over the 3D scanning world. 3D scanning gives us a brand new … Read more

3D Scanning Implemented Within a Car Design

3D scanning has always seemed like something out of a comic book, but it’s always weird to realize how realistic the process is these days. Not only that, but people are taking it upon themselves to work the development into the designs of futuristic cars. The benefits are pretty immense, and we’re going to walk … Read more

EMS 3D Tech Days 5 City Tour Proclaimed a Huge Success

Tampa, Florida – Monday, July 17, 2014 EMS, Inc the premier provider of rapid product development equipment and services was extremely pleased with the huge turnout for their latest 3D Tech Days events in 5 Florida cities.  With over 200 participants from all around Florida is was a very busy week. 3D Tech Days started … Read more

A new iSense 3D scanner from 3D Systems for the iPad

This new 3D scanner for the iPad is probably the coolest thing ever invented. It’s the iSense 3D Scanner and what it does is like something from out of Star Trek. You will find it compatible with the iPad 4 with retina display, iPad mini with retina display and iPad Air. What this gizmo does … Read more