WWII History Being Preserved With 3D Scanning

Thanks to the National Park Service and companies Autodesk Inc. and R2Sonic, a big part of WWII history is going to be better preserved regarding the naval vessels USS Utah and Arizona that still lie at Pearl Harbor. The two ships were the first to be destroyed by torpedoes and bombs delivered by the Japanese … Read more

Transformers And 3D Scanning

Transformers! No, not the shape shifting robot aliens of toy and movie fame, but the electrical transformers that supply electricity to millions of homes, offices, buildings.  The big transformers are expensive and powerful.  When one goes on the fritz aka breaks down, it has to be replaced.  This can cost millions of dollars and the … Read more

3D Scanning Proves Itself With High Performance Engine Parts

Leave it to Steeda Motorsports to be ahead of the rest in applied 3D scanning technology. Already owning a 3D scanner from renowned company EMS, the company wanted to have it’s 2012 Mustang Boss 302 intake scanned so as to better fit it and manufacture it. Thanks to EMS the problem wasn’t a mountain but … Read more

3D Scanning Helps Military MRAP Vehicles

The continued versatility and use of 3D scanning has been embraced by the U.S. Military and is accelerating and there’s no end in sight to the value of this new technology. In this case, it’s the MRAP vehicle designed to withstand IDE and other explosive devices. Since deploying the MRAP vehicles to protect soldiers, the … Read more

How Far Has 3D Scanning Come: EA Sports Showing Off the New Technology

Video games are a large part of society now, and when we’re talking about sports games the leading brand (well, one of the leading brands) is EA SPORTS. EA SPORTS has taken it upon themselves to perfect the art of the 3D model this time around, because they really wanted to perfect the experience that … Read more